Toyoda Music Office Co.

General incorporated association Music & Art society OTOKURA

We, Toyoda Music Office Co. Ltd., have been working for over 40 years in producing music concerts & shows over 1500 times together with excellent musicians & artists who works all over the world, and holding "Good for Heart & Health Concerts";.

This time we were permitted to get the corporation license and established "General Incorporated Association Music &Art Society OTOKURA".

On our experiences of events in Japan and out of Japan, we came to believe that seeing, hearing and feeling the highest talents make the people, societies & towns of high level culture, and grow the current world in richer society. Therefore we strongly decided to transfer wider our cultural assets to our next generations.

The Salon Concert of establishing Music Town at the annex Toyoda Music Salon in Higashi-Izu is going to be the forth time this year, and the Cherry Blossom Concert was already the 19th time. It is our great pleasure to hear that other comunities in Izu Area required the same oncerts along with their firm events. We thank from the bottom of our heart for people who attended our concerts every time, fully supported us and agreed our policy.
Therefore we will do the following events from the core of Music Town Salon Concert in Higashi-Izu:

* Promoting musicians
* Holding concerts to improve the arts & cultures
* Holding seminors & culture schools
* Planing and managing Live Performances & Music Festivals of artists invited from foreign countries
* Colaboration with groups of good assessment flower town

In future we are planning to offer comunities to rebuild the none-use public institutions & other buildings to the concert halls, art musiums & galleries, and our goal is to establish and manage those institutions,
also to realize many plans by people who want to suport those art activities on thier same wishes. We do hope for your warm suports and kind advices hereby.

Wakuko Toyoda
Represntative Director
General incorporated association
Music & Art society OTOKURA
Toyoda Music Salon