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Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music in Japan, in 2012, she held her debut concert in Wiener Konzerthaus. Thereafter, she participated actively in the field, co-starring with principal musicians of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and as a soloist dometcially and internationally. She also puts tremendous effort on holding charity concerts, including Princess Diana Memorial Concert at the English Ambassador's Residence in Japan, the charity concerts with the official invitation of the Sri Lanca Government.
Also her activities range from her original compositions that take inspiration from factors of nature such as water and a forest. In 2013, the movie " Pecoross' Mother and Her Days" in which,she composed and gave a performance of the movie theme music, was awarded the first prize in the Japan's Kinema Junpo Best Ten Films, and the latest movie "Harmonium" in which, she participated performing a composition, won the Jury Prize in the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.
She is now becoming increasingly captivating to the public, being considered as a one-of-a-kind pianist who creates a world of new classical music with beautiful water-like translucent tone colors, passionately transcendent techniques on a show-style stage.
  • “Slow Bach” Concert
  • Recording scene
  • Show-style performance
  • in Vienna
  • with Kinsaburo Abe
  • with Hiroshi Aoshima

Music provided

  • “Fuchi ni Tatsu”
    The English title “Harmonium/ Reed Organ” was awarded Un Certain Regard in the 69th Cannes Film Festival in May 21st 2016.
    At the moment, the movie is receiving sceening offers to from all over the world and is scheduled to start from Subaru-za Cinema this fall.
    Continuing with “Pecoross’ Mother and Her Days”, she will compose and perform songs in award-winning movies.

    “Harmonium/ Reed Organ”
    “Pecoross’ Mother and Her Days”


Roland Co., Ltd. May 2012 Issue
Cover / Interview

Past co-stars

  • Hiroshi Aoshima

  • Shonosuke Okura
    /Noh Otsuzumi Player

  • Jose Manuel Ramos
    /Tap dance

  • TAO / Japanese drum group

  • Willi Schwaiger / Horn

    Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra
    Former first solo horn player
  • Pavel Eret / Violin

    A soloist active in the world from Prague
  • Clemens Horak / Viennese oboe

    Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Ernst Ottensamer / Clarinet

    Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Tibor Kovac / Violin

    Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

CD production

In 2002, she released the CD "Ondine " recorded live in Wiener Konzerthaus.

In 2006, she performed and recorded the fantastic story CD from her own poems "Crystal Fantasy" with a Bösendorfer Swarovski model crystal piano was released by Universal music.

In 2010, the " Chopin de cristal"CD in which,Chopin's pieces were arranged into piano concerto style with orchestra,was released by King Record. The whole CD was adopted by ANA International Lines as the official audio for their entire lines.

In2012 , the "Cristalier ", with the theme of a combination between Western and Japanese traditional music, was released by King Record. The incorporation of Japanese drums and flamenco played by world famous artists into classical music and the musical arrangements based on her idea was so novel that it has been attracting a lot of attention.
It proudly earned very high rankings in the classic category on iTunes.

In 2014, CD"Slow Bach"~Listen with your heart, 15 piano therapies~in which,she did musical arrangements and compositions on theme of "Bach in the forest",was released.
It is said to have healing effects and, as an exceptional artwork in the classic world, has been a hit ever since.

In 2017, her next CDs are under way in Vienna.