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The Toyoda Music Office Co., Ltd. has been undertaking the concept of 'music that warms heart' for more than 45 years from 1975 to today, It is a company which is planning and managing concerts · fostering artists, producers etc.

As an artist, I am producing and managing pianist / composer Toyoda Toyoko.

In addition, we operate two salons as Toyoda Music Salon.
The Tokyo Salon is used by those who are aiming at musicians, those who are active as musicians, and as the place for the highest level of music to be oriented.
As an activity of the Music & Art Society established in 2014, the Izu Salon presides regular concerts and the like for city making music that celebrates the four seasons, promotes health, polishes five senses in a warm natural place rich in nature, Use it as a place where you can improve human power, become a town together with the city, We are making a comfortable community.
Good music is important to people, countries and people are connected with good music, We strive to become a world peace day by day.

  • Yuko Toyoda

    Creative pianist Yuko Toyoda.
    Sometimes it is strong, sometimes gentle, and its sound that springs from the heart fascinates those who listen


  • Toyoda Music Salon TOKYO

    Classroom to teach people who want to be musicians and singers.
    Culture class to become a Sophisticated Lady.
    Rental of practice room.

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  • Toyoda Music Salon IZU

    A music production city concert will be held.
    In response to this event, Opened a "music healing cafe" that is kind to the heart and body.
    There is also a rental venue.

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concerts that are good for the body and soul
For 30 years, we have been organizing “concerts that are good for the body and soul” throughout the country and overseas. We have played in countries where people speak a different language or have never listened to classical music. Concerts that begin amidst a babble of voices quiet down as the sound of the piano fills the hall. And after a piece is completed, everyone in the hall is united with a breathtaking sense of awe during that short moment just before the audience begins to applaud. My heart is filled with joy every time I remember this feeling. Music removes the boundaries between people and has the mysterious and powerful ability to bring a large number of people together in a unified sense of awe. This series of concerts has been a learning experience for us in terms of how music moves people and brings them together. Our mission is to contribute to as many people as possible by sharing the experience of high-level music that is alive and brought to the audience by performers who see this as a serious undertaking.

Wakuko Toyoda, President


February 25, 1999
Socio-cultural Recognition Award and
International Honor Award in the Art (Music) Division
From the Japan Arts Council


Title Publisher
The World of Children’s Songs I, II and III Doremi Shuppan
Beginner’s Seminar to Chords Jiyu Gendai-sha
Keyboards for Beginners Jiyu Gendai-sha
Lessons for Small Keyboards Jiyu Gendai-sha
The First Step Jiyu Gendai-sha
Wedding Songs and Presentations Jiyu Gendai-sha
Wedding Songs Rittoh Music


Toyoda Music Salon TOKYO

Toyoda Music Salon TOKYO
39-18 Sakaecho Nerima-ku 176-0006
TEL. 03-3991-5180 FAX. 03-3991-5189

Toyoda Music Salon IZU

Toyoda Music Salon IZU
349 Okawa Higasi-izu-cho, Kamogun Shizuoka 413-0301
TEL. 0557-22-0106