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Estey Reed Organ

Our salon's "Reed Organ by Estey Company"

Conveying the echoes of Rokumeikan to the modern times
Estey read organ

This reed organ was created 117 years ago in 1899, serving missionaries during Japan's Westernization movement. In a predestined encounter, we were all pleased to be able to obtain this organ, which was lying idle in the museum of period instruments. We gathered restoration experts and after taking a lot of time, it was revived into an instrument that produces quite contemporary sound and tone color. It has now become the cornerstone musical instrument of Western music (do re mi fa sol la si do) in songs and musical performances. This instrument is no longer produced anywhere in the world, thus it also holds exceptionally precious historical value. When pumping the pedals with our feet and as air flows are created, completely similar to playing the free-reed instrument used in Japanese court music, this organ produces extremely pleasant sounds. It is just like coming back to the home town in our heart.
Estey read organ
Recorded with this reed organ, the song "The spinning song dream" composed and performed by Yuko Toyoda appeared in the film "Fuchi ni Tatsu" which was awarded in Cannes Film Festival!

The film under the Japanese title of "Fuchi ni Tatsu" and the English title "Harmonium/ Reed Organ" was awarded Un Certain Regard in the 69th Cannes Film Festival in May 21st 2016.

At the moment, the movie is receiving sceening offers to from all over the world and is scheduled to start from Subaru-za Cinema this fall. Continuing with "Pecoross' Mother and Her Days", she will compose and perform songs in award-winning movies.

Estey read organ