Toyoda Music Office Co.

Toyoda Music Salon Concept / Access


Good for the body and soul: Healing music place
At the Toyoda Music Saloon, owned by Toyoda Music Office, you can enjoy watching Sea, claiming mountains, eating and some more fun, and it is located in Izu-Okawa, Higashi-Izumachi, one of famous hot-spring areas in Japan.

It is also located in one of the historical sites of stones used for building the Edo Castle in Edo period which was lasted for 400 years by means of Feng Shui(Chinese system of Geomancy) , and accordingly it is famous with one of “Famous Power Spots”. The site of Toyoda Music Saloon is supposed to be the historical place of an old Stone Court.
※We are applying to our government to be one of Japanese National Historical Sites.


Toyoda Music Salon
349 Okawa Higasi-izu-cho
Kamogun Shizuoka
-8minute-walk from
Izu-okawa Station
Tel.+81 557-22-0106

How to get Toyoda Music Salon

About 7 minutes walk (200 m far) from Izu-Okawa Station → 
Entrance of Yako Castle Built Stone Sites Izu-Okawa Station → 
Up-hill to crossroads (Fircar Station and Agriculture Association) → 
leftturn and walk on Rout 135 old road (can see Ocean on your left) →
Entrance of Okawa Primary School → Our Sing board and car parking site after 100m.